Deep Tech Thought #3

Thoughts on HEWN, No. 261:

I wanted to do my Deep Tech Thought #3 on Audrey Watters post about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent events. This one was particularly interesting to me and I think very important in recent events because it focuses on the debate, once again, of Ed Tech; as well as privacy issues and problems with the questions that a lot of politicians have been asking about recently. She discusses the failure of journalists to educate their audience towards understanding the implications of science. I think this is a really good point; often a huge problem nowadays is no one knows what a reliable source of information is. Almost every media outlet has a bias, or a side they are trying to sway their audience to believe in. The problem with this, is that we can never know what the actual information on a subject is. We see this a lot especially with News stations; and this has always been a problem but just recently people have actually started to care about where their information is coming from.

A lot of the time a few years ago I would notice that a lot of people took everything they heard and did not question it. I am glad that we as a society are starting to see where the real problem lies; media. Getting to Audrey’s point, however, is that now it is starting to seep into digital journalism; a new realm that used to not be so politically involved and biased. According to her, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding journalists over-hyping new technological advances. I think what is more important, though, is for readers and audience members to instead do more research themselves about certain controversial topics like these; instead of instantly listening to whatever articles they read or things of that nature say.  By now we should realize that every source we get our information on is incorrect in some way.

I think that this brings up an interesting debate in terms of privacy as well. When we put things online, they are PUBLIC, (no matter what we may think). I realize Mark Zuckerberg has made many ludicrous remarks about things that are extremely incorrect, but what can we expect? Everyone has their different views on different things, and for some their views may be true to them, whereas to us they will not be. A good example of everything that is going on is Fox News. They have probably received the most backlash in terms of delivering false news, which would be correct in doing so. They are extremely biased toward Republicans, and a lot of their news is structured to make Democrats look like the enemy. I think that with all of this going on, it’s important to take all of these things with a grain of salt. Journalists, media, and reporters will continue to favor certain political affiliations, no matter whether it is morally right to do so. This confusion can be fixed by simply making your own interpretations of events rather than relying on media sources.


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